Crashes, crashes, crashes.

We really need to find the Flash CS 5.5, the crashes in the 5 version do it again… Now, a source file of the last animation project is ruined, wich delayed the work.
Okay, fortunately, though we haven’t backup of the file, it seems that we can fix it sooner… Well, from now on we need to have like 3 copies of everything. At least this warning us to be more careful and the work isn’t ruined at all.

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33 thoughts on “Crashes, crashes, crashes.”

    1. In human version. Well, We wish that were the only project to work on it, if we decide to do it, but with all the others, it could take like 2 months and a half, I guess.

          1. well, i was wondering if you could draw the human versions of all the characters? “not animate them”. and then maybe set up a deviantart accont?

  1. When will Equestria girls be done? when your done with equestrian girls, can you do a short with the cutie mark crusaders?

  2. I would be ssssssooooo happy if you did a elemets of harmony clip like when all of their eyes lit up Oh and DISCORD!
    you know im a good animator too but im only 10 and my mom wont let me join
    Soo please make more!!!!!!!!!!
    wow rainbowdashes hair is awsome
    may you make a whole episode of Over A Berrel
    i think i spelled it wrong…..ehh.Thank you im depending on you so I put 2 and 2 and 2 and 2 together and it added up to skilldraw!!!!! (pinkie pie voice)

    1. Thank you. It’s a great thing you like our clips. You will be a great animator when you grow up if you keep going and giving your best! πŸ™‚

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