33 thoughts on “Crystal Fair Song WIP”

  1. I didn’t mean to be rude but did you forgot to put white socks in human twilight’s character sheet? and when will we the rest of the colored profile sheets.

    1. It’s ok. We decided to design Twilight, this time, with those alter clothes more similar to the inspirational pic, thinking in her demure behavior. Is better that she has legins than just the skirt. In fact, that was the original idea =P

  2. okay but before that when will the “complete” crystal fair song be realsed and when will we see the complete colored mlh profile (PS again i didnt mean to be rude)

    1. Sorry for the late answer. We’re making some shorts before finishing the Crystal Fair. It must be finished as soon as possible tough. We let you know πŸ˜‰

  3. Hi, there!!! I actually wanted to make MLH come to life, like with REAL actors, and you can help with the animation!!! I have LOTS of ideas, so please reply!!

    Stay tuned, for MLH!


  4. Are you ever going to release the Puppets? “I actually don’t think so ;n;* Cause their frigging awesome. And I’m too dumb to make fingers and all the stuff ;n;

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