MLH Profile Sketches

For al those asking if we’re working on new MLH stuff, here are the profile sheets for each character we’re doing to organize animation libraries for new clips. This way things are easier to do. More characters will be added when needed and, obviously, when those ones are finished.

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  1. Well they are nice but can you draw more character sheets of most mlp chracters in human form such as the cutie mark crusaders,Zecora,Trixie,big mac,cheerlie,derpy ,princess celestia etc in the near future?

    1. Yeah, actually we gonna upload the screenshots of the colored profiles on DA. I uploaded Twilight Sparkle colored already 🙂

          1. sorry im using some one called rookie artist but yeah you 4got the ‘h’ in fluttershy so now it says fluttersy i hope i find it : [ D i use diffrent mustaches every time i find a new one

  2. like i 4got there names but the cutie crusaters scooter and her helmet and im pretty sure that pinkypie has a party cannon and i know this is a funny question but how do you draw twilights books btw i luv MLH

    1. We got some experience doing shorts for others.
      It’s juts a matter of practice and searching of the right tools 🙂

      1. Can you do the full scene in Fall Weather Friends when AJ and RD tease Twilight? From “Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Good one, Twilight!” to “Ya, see ya at the finish line…tomorrow!!! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!”?

  3. Hey you can draw humanized Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Nightmare Moon, Shining Armor, and Princess Cadance. But can you do the human version from the The Canterlot Wedding flashback with Cadence and Twilgith Sparkle?

    1. Those sounds awesome for humanizing. Maybe we can make some designs when we finish the current works 🙂

  4. Great job! I caught these on you-tube, and came over from there. Your talent is something awe worthy, and I’m stunned at how much detail you’ve put into this project! I will defiantly be watching for more videos!

        1. Not too soon cause we want to do more characters first. But in the villains turn we gonna do one of those scenes 🙂

    1. To animate you need to start to look for some guides. Maybe some short classes.

      Thanks for the likes too :>

      1. hey skill draw my friends say that your movie’s characters move too much like army march and are you ever gonna make full video that would be awsome!

        1. We’re searching people for helping us work faster and maybe we can do one full episode, soon 🙂

  5. Very interesting, well-done designs. I am looking forward to seeing the Crystal Fair Song finished (just saw the animatic!) 😀

    It will be real fun to see what you’re gonna do for characters with differing body-types, such as Celestia, Luna, Big Mac (them muscles) and of course Zecora (she’s gotta be curvy…). I’m also interested in seeing how the fillies look in MLH style (so cute!) 😀

    Anyway, love your work! <3

    1. We had to remake scenes in AS8 cause the AS9 is working wrong in our workstations. Also we’re in other state with family and haven’t the hardware here. We’ll restart as soon as possible.

  6. my friends all love the video but the say the only flaw in these are the motions i dont get that but they say there moving to army like and another thing they want you to do is make a whole video if you did this stuff theyd stop telling me how i should make my own video

    1. It’s nice to know they like ’em. Maybe they are talking about the animation. We’re still developing ways for make it looking better. If you see, the first one looks a bit choppy, but the ‘licious’ series, we though, are looking better.

  7. my friends also say you should have put their cutie marks on their shoulder not their clothes because they all have their cutie marks in the same spot

  8. Wouldn’t it be better if RD was wearing a tank top instead of a T-Shirt and long-sleeved rainbow shirt?

    1. Today, the program messed up a whole scene. We’re like at the 40% again. Well, we keep going.

  9. while we’re waiting can you do colored profile sketches of apple bloom, sweetie belle and scootaloo? and what about discord, how would you portray him? the way he is, or as a human?

    1. At the moment, we’re working a bit on Equestria Girls clip. Let’s see if we can do something soon and continue the Crystal Fair Song

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